Hi, my name’s Amber and I created FanCityX. The site name is a play on words, it sounds like Fantasy with an X on the end.

Happily at my desk

I’ve been in the adult industry 10 years and I’m still as in love with this world now as I was then. FanCityX is a website where the world can meet new models and discover what they’re creating. I also write about adult industry events and which stars are attending.

You can add FanCityX to your Twitter and follow us on Pornhub too.

We will never be mean about models or focus on one type of sexy. There are some seriously bleak and negative porn blogs out there. None of that here! FanCityX loves diversity. We know everyone has their own thing and we want to bring a blend of babes, pornstars and amateurs so everyone can find something that appeals to them.

Everyone that is featured here wants to be here to the best of my knowledge. If your image is here and you want it gone, message me – vividunreality [@] outlook.com.

If you’re a model and you want to be featured, hit me up! I’m always looking for models who are doing something different or interesting. Things like trying out a new fetish, producing content with another model or offering a new service to your fans are particularly interesting

Thanks for reading and #BuyMorePorn

Amber xxxx