Hi, my name’s Amber and I’m the boss around here.

Amber is a pen name, I have lots of different names and identities. 😉 So if you’ve met me, I probably gave a different fake name.

I’m an international girl of mystery, an ex-camgirl, and now a blogger.

My most important goal is to connect horny people with money with horny people with content.

It doesn’t matter if that’s porn mega sites, niche content, cams, OnlyFans, or your MILF neighbor who’s selling her socks (you know she does, and you know you want them). Everyone deserves orgasmic content created with love, and that’s what I’m here for bb.

Want more of me? Of course you do. That’s why you’re going to follow me on Twitter (thank you Miss) and you’re going to get in my Telegram group BabeBoxxx. I’ll be sharing nudes, porn I’ve found and hook you up with the hottest girls who want your love and attention.

Are you a content creator in the adult industry? Have you got a story for me? Girl, connect with me. Read through what I’m looking for here then drop me a message. Email fancityx @ outlook.com or DM my Twitter.

A quick disclaimer while you’re here: Because of how the industry works, FanCityX should be considered the lightest of entertainment.

Performers can go from the horniest pornstars to nuns in Christ overnight. It would be insane of me to promise that stars never change their offerings from what’s featured on the pages here, or promise I could keep up with every content creator.

Links might have broken, performers can quit without notice, change platforms or retire. That’s how this works. I do my best to make things correct at the time of writing.

I get a small commission from purchases through some of the links on FanCityX. It doesn’t cost you any extra and helps me afford my sex toy habit and food, which I need to survive.

Thanks for reading FanCityX. I hope you’ll come back regularly.

Love and kisses, Amber xxxx

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