Sell Nudes Online – A Complete Guide To Making Money

I have worked in the adult industry for over 10 years.

This is a simple routine I’ve created to get to a salary of $100,000 a year or more from selling nudes and short video clips online.

If you are dedicated, you can see serious results almost immediately that can turn your whole life around.

The adult industry makes money. Even a quick Google will show there’s an overwhelming amount of choice and methods out there. This huge choice wouldn’t exist if companies didn’t know exactly how much money there was in adult content.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s lots of information out there. In an ideal world, you’d have the time and energy to try lots of ways to sell nudes. But lack of focus can eat up your valuable time and energy.

You want a step by step guide to lots of money that definitely works. This is that guide.

This method is the result of many hours of research and knowledge on how to sell nudes online

Entrepreneur Tim Ferris explained in 1000 true fans that you don’t need the whole world to like your work to make an excellent living. You just need 1000 super-fans who adore you enough to spend $100 a year or more on everything you produce in that year.

I’ve created this simple method to sell your nudes and videos that can make nearly anyone an above average yearly income in any country. All by creating nude pictures and making indie porn. The aim is to make $100,000 or more every year from 1000 fans.

These fans will be subscribed to your website or OnlyFans. There you’ll share all of your nudes and videos with your most loyal fans and in exchange, they will pay you a small amount every month.

1000 fans should be possible inside a few years or even less with the right amount of work

You can be male, female, trans or in a couple to follow the method. In theory, anyone can do this. Charisma and being sexy are both important, but the only difference between any two models is how much time they take to get there.

Sexuality is truly crazy enough that any person can find 1000 true fans of their adult content with enough effort and time!

Every step in this process is reasonably easy and anyone should be able to follow it

This guide is free because I believe in it. I think it should be available for anyone who wants to earn great money. Share this guide with anyone who might want to sell nudes online.

The ultra-quick version guide to making money selling nudes

  • Get a fan club with OnlyFans or ModelCentro to store your nudes and videos
  • Use the huge number of viewers on Chaturbate to earn money and collect fan club sign-ups
  • Join Twitter and Pornhub to collect sign-ups
  • Use camming on Chaturbate to create easy content for the fan club
  • Reach 1000 true fans and $100,000 a year
  • Party

Step One – The Basics

Decide on a stage name and then Google it with ‘camgirl’ and ‘porn’ attached. No hits? Great. Your alter ego is born. Get an email address and a Twitter account with this name.

Decide on a ‘thing’ or possibly ‘things’ that this alter ego likes to do in their spare time. These things are a point of normality and form the basis for your online personality.

Choose something you do reasonably regularly. For example, fans of Rosie English know she loves walking her dog. Hannah Brooks loves to party in Ibiza. Sia Siberia loves cosplay. Pornstar Mia Malkova loves video games.

I came across a camgirl who had 2 guinea pigs and dressed them up in outfits. I forget her name but she was great!

Make sure you have a reasonably modern computer or laptop, a separate webcam and a private place you can cam from.

Radically accept people are going to see you naked when you sell nudes on the internet. But as you’re here I assume we don’t need to go over the ups and downs of that.

Get hyped! You’re about to start living your best life.

Step Two – Get A Fan Club

A fan club is the most important part of starting to sell nudes online. When it comes to adult fan clubs, there are two providers to consider. Both are completely free to use and will take a percentage of whatever you charge your new fans. Both rebill your fans every month they are members. Pick one and sign up using your performer name.


Sign up for OnlyFans

OnlyFans is growing in popularity all the time. Take a look at this OnlyFans run by Hannah Brooks. Although OnlyFans take 20% of her earnings each month, with over 7000 people signed up, she’s earning around $50,000 a month.

Hannah Brooks is a great example of the possible money available. Hannah has been webcamming since 2012 and has held her OnlyFans for 3 years. She works very hard, but even half of her success could change your life. For now, we’re only looking for your first 1000 adoring super fans.

OnlyFans also allows tips, messaging, audio and status updates. It’s like a social media platform, but your followers pay for access every month.

Charge fans $10.99 for a month if you choose OnlyFans


Sign up for ModelCentro

If OnlyFans is like social media you pay for, ModelCentro is a whole website.

The folks at ModelCentro give you a free domain name, which means your website will be ‘’. You can write a public blog, share pictures and videos and create a custom experience for your fans to sign up to.

A great example of a really good ModelCentro website is, the website for pornstar Dani Daniels. As well as showing loads of character in her descriptions, Dani has links to her art and fashion websites. I can only imagine how much money she’s making from this setup.

ModelCentro takes more time to set up than OnlyFans and is more work overall, but could offer you more creative control.

Charge fans $12.99 for a month if you choose ModelCentro

Step Three – Get An Account On Chaturbate

Sign Up For Chaturbate

Why Chaturbate?

Because they have the most visitors of any webcam site in the world. There are lots of other reasons too, but access to their 4.1 million viewers every month is impossible to beat.

Other reasons to choose Chaturbate include a great community, loads of games you can play with viewers and a culture of high tipping. It’s a great camming experience in itself and lots of people make a decent living just camming here.

I really recommend spending some time watching shows before broadcasting for the first time to get some ideas for your shows. It’s fun and free to watch.

Pre Camshow

Your Chaturbate income will form the backbone of your new adult salary and the main way you’ll promote that you sell nudes on OnlyFans or your website. Light your cam room well, try and make it look inviting and lived in. Wear nice lingerie and makeup. Play upbeat music as you’re getting ready and get in ‘the zone’.

You should try and cam at the same time every day, and at the time you have the most energy.

During The Camshow

Imagine you are presenting a fun TV program, like a game show or a reality TV stream. Put some music on, relax and have some fun with your viewers.

Being relatable is more important than being sexy while you’re waiting for tips. If you find yourself stuck for things to say or no one is saying much, you can:

  • Welcome everyone who comes in your room by name. The dark purple usernames should always be welcomed with a big smile. Ask how they are and pay them special attention. These guys are big spenders and Chaturbate is amazing enough to mark them out for you.
  • Ask everyone where they’re from. Say which country you’re from and what you like about it.
  • Ask if anyone did anything fun at the weekend. Talk about your most fun weekend.
  • Any other small talk conversations. The weather, a joke you heard, something silly you saw on the news…

Always be as chatty and curious about your viewers as you can be.

If anyone ruins your good vibe, block them without a second thought.

Your goal

2000 tokens, six days a week, no matter how long it takes

You can do it any way you like. Roll the dice game, token count downs, crazy ticket shows. It doesn’t matter how you do it. What matters is you do not sign out until you get that 2000 tokens.

I don’t care if it takes 12 hours to get there. Don’t give up. Don’t settle. 2000 tokens, every time.

Why are you so mean? 2000 tokens is so many

It can be. But also there are many examples of broadcasters who regularly earn far more than 2000 tokens in a single tip.

Look at a few biographies while you’re doing your research watching shows. It’s actually not uncommon. Secondly, the strength of this plan is every moment you are signed in on Chaturbate, you are creating a rabid fan factory of adoring and loyal viewers.

See, you’re not just signed in for those tokens, they’re just a bonus. You’re signed in to introduce yourself to your future fans. I’m going to remind you of the 4.1 million monthly visitors, each one ready to pick you as their next crush. But you have to be signed in to meet them. A silent viewer one day could be a super fan by payday.

Reframe slow token days as a chance to stay signed in and charm your future super fans for longer. There is no such thing as wasting time while you’re broadcasting as long as you have even a few viewers.

If you can get this done, your base salary on Chaturbate is now $31,200 a year before tax and most importantly, you have great access to your new fans

Step Four – Get Pornhub

Everyone has heard of Pornhub. As an adult content creator, you’re going to want to be on Pornhub.

They have a fantastic amount of visitors every day, just like Chaturbate. This method uses Pornhub in the same way as Chaturbate. It’s duel advertising/income on one of the highest traffic websites in the world.

You won’t earn much from Pornhub, maybe a few hundred from views. But the real value is in their visitors. 92 million possible new fans every day. All of them want to meet models who sell nudes.

Each video you upload should be watermarked with the web address to your new fan club. You can use Shotcut for free to do this. Every week you’ll get lots of new friends adding you, you should accept them every day you work. Make sure you add your Twitter handle to your Pornhub profile too.

Consider opening accounts with Xhamster and Xvideos too, for the same reasons.

High levels of visitors mean high levels of possible new fans.

Step Five – Your New Daily Routine

Every single day, this is your work routine. You will get faster and faster at it until it’s second nature.

Two nudes

Take two nudes before you cam. These are for your fans and they get uploaded to your fan club later. You can take them with your phone or with a proper camera, but take them on a tripod for maximum wow.

One killer selfie

This will be tweeted out to Twitter before every show you do. Show off your best angles and the outfit or lingerie you’re wearing. Give them a link to your Chatubrate cam room and let them know you’re starting in 5 minutes.

Cam until 2000 tokens

Always make sure your cam feed is watermarked

Make sure your camming stream always shows the web address of your fan club. There are two reasons.

The first is that about one in ten of your cam show viewers will visit your fan club page while you’re broadcasting. Some will end up signing up right then and there. It won’t happen every time, but it will happen.

The second reason is, occasionally viewers of your Chaturbate shows will capture your feed. They’ll usually upload it to porn tube sites in a lame attempt to make an easy few cents. Make sure they’re doing your advertising by keeping your feed watermarked.

Watermarking is very easy in OBS studio, which you can use with Chaturbate. You can find a guide here.

Always record your cam shows for your fan club

Yup, you heard me. While you’re broadcasting your fun and interactive cam show, you’re making great content your fans will want to see again. Don’t let it slip away unrecorded. OBS Studio makes it really easy to capture your cam shows. It’s free and most Chaturbate models use it

Just press the ‘start recording’ button and then switch it off when you’re done. You could also use a video camera at the side of your webcam set up and discreetly press the record button.

At the end of every cam show

  • Ask your viewers to follow you on Chaturbate and describe where the follow button is to them.
  • Ask your viewers to give you a follow on Twitter. Each show should give you between five and thirty new Twitter followers. Make sure your Twitter name is in your Chaturbate bio.
  • Tell your viewers about your OnlyFans or ModelCentro fan club. Mention that you sell nudes, let them know what types of clips you’ve uploaded the last few days and ask them to consider joining up.
  • Thank everyone very much, especially the tippers. Tell them what a great time you’ve had. Mention the best tipper by name.

One Video Clip

Once you’ve signed off, create a quick video clip. Talk dirty, fuck yourself, take about your sexy fantasies, be dominant, show a close up of your feet and give them a rub… Whatever you want.

If you need to do any editing you can use Shotcut. That said, keep any editing light and don’t get too bogged down in it. The idea is to create quick and sexy, personal videos oozing with personality. You’re not a big porn studio, don’t try and compete with them by trying to get your videos technically perfect.

One of these videos gets uploaded to Pornhub every week. All the rest are uploaded to your fan club. That should be 6 camshow video clips and 5 mini clips every week.

If you get stuck for video clip ideas, make a big list of ideas at the start of the week, then pick clip ideas off of it each day. You can use the ManyVids front page or have a browse for clip themes and inspiration.

Remember to take a look at the price of clips while you’re there. Your fans will pay around the cost of one clip to access all your videos for a month. This method to sell nudes and make money is good for fans as well as models.

Three Tweets

Your first tweet is your cam show promo selfie. Your second and third tweets are about your life. They can be anything, but make sure a few of them are linked back to that point of connection hobby or interest we mentioned in step one.

Mention your fan club twice a week and try not to mention it more, even if you’re really excited about it and want to share. So many Twitter feeds are full of fan club spam and they turn people off and get them unfollowing. When you tweet about your fan club, add a sexy picture or video as well as the web address and ask your followers to retweet. You can reach even more people this way.

Step Six – Self-care

This routine might start off time consuming and difficult, but it will quickly become second nature. Be gentle with yourself. If you have to miss a day because you’re sick or your mental health isn’t the best, don’t worry.

Once your to-do list is done, go out and enjoy yourself and do the things you want to do.

The idea here is to build a routine that makes you good money and allows you to have a rich real-life too.

As long as you complete the steps, your following and fans will build in the right direction over time. You don’t have to worry if you’re on the right cam site or if you should add in new services. It’s simple and it works.

Eventually, the time will come when you hit 1000 fans signed up to your OnlyFans or ModelCentro website. Plan a celebration for once you get here! It’s a huge achievement.

You might decide you want to quit webcamming once you’ve reached 1000 true fans. You might want to focus on keeping the fans you already have loyal or freeing up the time you spent camming for other things.

Of course, you might have your eye on your next 1000. You can carry on using this method until you have as many sign-ups as your heart desires. Either way, at that point you’ll have the money and the experience to know what works best for you.

I hope this guide is helpful to you. I wish you all the best on your mission to sell nudes and adult content. You can use the comment section if you’ve got questions.

Good luck!

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