Cosplay Fetish Complete Guide – The Best Cosplay Porn

Everyone has an outfit that makes them horny, whether it’s the classic nurse’s outfit or just lacy lingerie.

Cosplay, the art of dressing up as characters from TV, film and video games, takes this to the next level. Taking part in cosplay doesn’t mean you have a cosplay fetish, but most girls who cosplay know the effect they might be having on fans.

Ever since the first anime conventions bought cosplay to a western audience, the adult industry was quick to catch on. But it’s only been since the rise of professional cosplayers that cosplay porn has really come into its own.

Here are the best places to find cosplayers in and out of their outfits.

NSFW Cosplay Reddit And Lewd Cosplay Reddit

These buzzing subreddits are used by amateur cosplayers and their fans.

The content is surprisingly good quality, as amateur girls will use the subreddit to tempt new buyers. There’s also plenty of photos and clips reposted from elsewhere on the internet.

NSFW Cosplay contains x rated adult pictures and videos whereas Lewd Cosplay focuses on more suggestive content.


Lots of camgirls sell their cosplay clips on ManyVids.

Both the subreddits above are frequented by huge cosplay star Hidori Rose. Hidori sells her content through ManyVids, but you can see plenty on Reddit too.

Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @Hidori_Rose

Another great example of a ManyVids cosplayer is sexy Sia Siberia. You can see her nude shows on Chaturbate, but she also sells clips on ManyVids.

Her cosplays are incredibly sexy, but Sia loves to push boundaries too. The highlights of her clip collection include My Little Pony and a bizarrely sexy Rick and Morty clip. It’ll be the weirdest thing you’ve ever cum to.

Follow her on Twitter @Sia_Siberia

You’ll also love Lana Rain, who is a cosplayer and also often the top girl on ManyVids. She lives in Brooklyn USA and makes some of the sexiest cosplay content you’ll ever see. There’s Pokemon, Street Fighter and loads of others.

Her fan club has 3,400 fans who love her clips. Take a look at this Futaba Sakura scene:

Follow her on Twitter @Lana_Rain

Cosplay Fetish Snapchat

Cosplay Fetish Snapchat

Snapchat is such a good place to find cosplayers getting naked, I actually wrote a full article about cosplayers on Snapchat.

These Snapchats often update every day, and you’ll not just get to see the best cosplays first, you’ll get to know the girls behind them.


The world’s only VR cosplay website, VRCosplayX is the next big thing in cosplay fetish porn.

VR is the closest to realistic sex porn has reached, and VRCosplayX offers you the most realistic opportunity to fuck your favorite video game characters.

Take a look at Hailey Reed’s Captain Marvel and tell me you wouldn’t love to experience this in VR. I bet you can’t.

VRCosplayX cosplay fetish website

The site is updated regularly, and the girls are often popular pornstars. The videos work on multiple VR devices.

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