Mia Malkova – BlowJob Queen And Twitch Streamer

Ranked as the 5th most-watched pornstar on PornHub, blonde Mia Malkova is one America’s pornstar elite.

She worked as a fast-food waitress until she got her first role in porn and has been explosively popular ever since, winning blow job queen at the 2019 PornHub awards.

Sexy Blonde Mia

This blonde can make a huge length of cock entirely disappear with ease, so it’s no wonder she caught the eye of the judges. It’s not the first time Mia has been an award winner either. In 2016 she won Best Actress for her work in feature release The Preachers Daughter.

Mia’s best year for awards so far came in 2014, when she was nominated for three xBiz awards and seven AVN awards, of which she won two, best all-girl sex scene and best new starlet.

Despite being a famous pornstar, Mia Malkova isn’t really a party animal. She likes to stay home and read fantasy novels, going hiking or spend time with her boyfriend Eli Tucker, who is is a photographer and adult entertainment director. She lives near Los Angeles in Palm Springs California.

Mia Malkova Gamer Girl Star

Since 2019, Mia has become more public about her love of video games, opening a Twitch account that she streams from regularly. World of Warcraft is one of her favourites, but she streams others too. She recently tweeted about being hyped to play The Other Worlds roleplay game too.

Jumping on the recent love for kawaii gamer girls, Mia Malkova fits perfectly into the niche, being a gamer and looking amazing in cosplay. Her witchy Halloween costume this year is proof, as well as her cosplay video on PornHub. You’ll want to give it a look, it’s really hot.

When she’s not relaxing with her fans on Twitch, updating her 763k Twitter followers or enjoying her hobbies, Mia has a very popular premium Snapchat and an OnlyFans you can join, where can see all of her sexual encounters. She updates both regularly.

Last month Mia has begun a new YouTube channel focused on gaming content. If you enjoy watching hot girls enjoying video games, you’ll want to drop by and give her a follow.

It seems Mia is shifting her focus more on gaming and cosplay and less on adult and porn as she moves forward, and her fans love it. Her new YouTube channel already has 18.3k subscribers and by focusing on gaming, she has common ground with her mostly male fans.

Whatever is next for Mia Malkova, you can bet it’s going to be interesting to watch.

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