Lana Rhoades snapchat review and five intimate Lana facts

Lana Rhoades is the number one most watched Pornstar in the world right now according to porn giant PornHub. Raised in Chicago Illinois, Lana is 23 years old and a Virgo.

***Lana is no longer shooting adult content***

In 2021, Lana decided to quit shooting adult content entirely.

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We’ve got some facts to help you get to know her and a review of the only way to get her adult content daily, the Lana Rhoades premium snapchat account.

Lana Rhodes has always loved entertainment, and wanted to be an actress when she was young

Despite being a little shy in real life, Lana has always loved the entertainment industry. You can tell she loves to perform on her Snapchat account because she really has fun with the camera and with her fans

Lana does not consider herself a pornstar any more

The only thing she does in the industry right now is Snapchat. Yep, you heard right. The porn industry didn’t treat her well but don’t worry. Her Snapchat followers treat her right and so she isn’t shy to admit how much she loves Snapchat. Lana gives a five star service to all her fans on her account. This isn’t just solo updates either. Expect 2 new boy/girl shows per week, minimum, and 2 lesbian shows a month.

Instagram suspended her account and it bought Lana to tears

Lana was unsurprisingly upset when her Instagram got taken down. Social media is an important part of the life of any entertainer, so we’re not surprised there were tears. Don’t worry though, Lana’s Insta and every one of her 3.7 million followers is back up and running. Give her a follow

Lana has a tattoo of her husbands name on her bum and a tattoo in arabic on her leg

She got the name tat when she was eighteen, after only a month of dating him. It worked out for her too, as they’re now happily married and Lana isn’t shy about how much she’d love to be pregnant soon.

On Lana Rhoades Snapchat, almost anything goes

From creampies to footjobs, Lana is pretty clear that she gets more naughty on her Snapchat than she ever did when she was a pornstar. Her tiny pussy is so tight and too small for the kind of guy you find on a porn set. On her Snapchat she regularly has creampies in her shows, as well as hanging out with fellow adult industry megastars

Would you recommend the Lana Rhoades Snapchat experience?

This is not only the closest you can get to the world’s most popular pornstar but the only way to get her x rated content.

Her updates are every day and so she loves to receive horny messages from her followers. Her glossy hair, big eyes and perfect bubble butt are flawless, but what really draws us to the Lana Rhoades Snapchat is her sweet nature. She seems to be genuinely naughty and to love her life and her husband. This Snapchat comes highly recommended. A full 10/10

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