The Ultimate Premium Snapchat Guide – Add Horny Girls!

So your Snap list is looking a bit boring and you want some sexy girls to add.

What’s more, you don’t just want some random girls who just take pictures of their lunch. That boring stuff is for Facebook.

Nope. You want the hot and horny girls who aren’t afraid to send nudes, talk dirty and get really nasty with you. You know these girls exist, but their accounts are secret and hidden away. How can you find them?

Well, you’re in luck.

Over the last year, I have written over 20 guides to models on premium Snapchat, from amateurs in their bedrooms, to veteran pornstars opening their lives (and everything else) for strangers.

I know exactly where you can get the good stuff, the absolute best usernames. This is

The Ultimate Premium Snapchat Guide

Abella Danger
Abella Danger has a premium Snap

What is premium Snapchat?

Premium Snapchat is an unofficial arrangement between a viewer and a model.

A small gift allows you to be added to her secret Snapchat where she shares all of her naughty, secret pictures and videos.

Snapchat, like almost every social network, doesn’t allow public nudes. It’s understandable, no one wants minors or someone’s Nan accidentality seeing things they shouldn’t.

But what happens between two consenting adults in a private account anywhere is none of the networks business.

So how do you get added to these private accounts? Well, there are lots of places where you can find hot girls and get added, but you need to be careful of scams. Catfish know loads of guys are looking for access to nudes, sexting and dirty videos.

This premium Snapchat guide is going to help you find the best girls to add, and make sure you avoid the scammers.

Can you get free premium Snapchat?

Sort of.

The first thing to remember is, a completely free premium Snapchat account will quickly get shut down. It only takes one person accidentality stumbling across nudes they didn’t want to see and reporting them to get a girl kicked off Snapchat.

Riley Reid
Riley Reid offers a free Snapchat trial

But how can you know if a girl is worth adding? Well, you don’t have to go in blind. This guide to free premium Snapchat users lets you see ten girls who are offering a free trial.

You can get added as a friend for no cost for 24 hours, and see if you like what you see. These girls are nearly all pornstars, and you may have even heard of some of them.

Who has the best premium Snapchat?

Well now, that all depends on what you like.

Adriana Chechik premium Snapchat
Adriana Chechik

At the last Pornhub awards, Adriana Chechik was given the award for the best Snapchat. Adriana is unofficially known as the nastiest girl in porn, and she’s horny as hell and has an army of fans. I happen to think they’re not too far wrong in how amazing and sexy she is.

She made my guide to top Pornstar Snapchat users, firstly because I love her but also because she’s one of the most-watched pornstars in the world. You can’t go too far wrong if you choose to add her.

I’m not so into pornstars, what have you got for me?

That’s great, not everyone is into pornstars.

If you love BBWs

Fatbratwithafatcat Snapchat

Then you need to take a look at FatBratWithAFatCat. When I first heard about this girl, I thought ‘that’s such a bizarre name’ but oh my God do you need to get in on the FatBrat party.

FatBratWithAFatCat is an amateur American BBW who is taking the world by storm.

Last year, she was a more popular Snapchat subscription that many real pornstars who had tons of advertising and attention. I think it’s because she genuinely loves and cares for her fans and she’s naughty as fuck.

If you love BBWs, or you’re curious about FatBrat, you should take a look at the BBW Snapchat users guide. FatBratWithAFatCat is our cover model, but there are other BBWs to choose from too.

If you love Milfs

Okay, so milfs have a bit of a pornstar overlap, but if you want an amateur milf in your life, HotWife Taylor is an excellent choice.

Hotwife Taylor
Hotwife Taylor

She’s been an amateur for about a year, but she’s already got tons of fans. This month she flew out to January for the AVN awards, she’s an author and sex educator. Hotwife Taylor’s love of sex is basically legendary and she looks incredible to boot.

You can find her details in Milf Snapchat user guide, along with pornstar Cherie DeVille, who also comes highly recommended.

I’ve got a kink for trans girls

You and the rest of the world! Seriously, trans porn is exploding and guys love it. You like what you like and it’s natural to be curious about what sexy t-girls get up to behind closed doors.

That’s why Snapchat is such a perfect way to go deeper into the lives of models you love.

Whenever you see questions about ‘who’s the hottest Trans pornstar’ or ‘who’s the prettiest shemale?’ there’s always one (or possibly several) fans who mention Bailey Jay. Bailey Jay is, in my humble opinion, the full shemale package.

Bailey Jay

A cute style, a feminine face, pretty, perky boobs and… that full shemale package. Heh. She’s the perfect follow for trans lovers and the cover girl for my tranny Snapchat guide.

What about cute amateurs?

If you’re in to cute amateurs, you’ll love Bambi Fae.

Bambi Fae premium Snapchat
Cosplayer Bambi Fae

I included her in my nude cosplayer guide and my kawaii pornstars because she’s so sweet looking. She’s getting really popular and I can see why. She’s one of these sexy girls that loves gaming and cosplay and looks incredibly hot too.

I like variety. I’m not interested in a one girl premium Snapchat

Then I have great news for you. Well, two pieces.

Brazzers Logo
Even Brazzers are in on the action

The first is that premium Snapchat is not just for individual models. Nope, even studios are getting in on the action. Brazzers, DoIt4State and Spizoo all have a premium account. Read more about Snapchat studios.

You’ll love Brazzers, who shoot the most-watched porn in the world. Get full behind the scenes access with their account. Or if you want college parties and gone wild girls, give DoIt4State a try.

The second piece of excellent news is that in the interest of gaining maximum attention, some models have clubbed together, allowing you access to bonus accounts sending out nudes and allowing you to meet even more new hot girls.

Rachel Storms
Sexy Rachel Storms

Rachel Storms is a great example of one of these girls, you can find her details here. Not only do you get access to three group premiums, but she posts naughty updates every single day.

I’m broke but I don’t want a boring Snapchat. Is there any hope?

Of course! Some people want a cheaper option and there are plenty of premium Snapchat users that will suit you.

I noticed a trend for some girls selling their premiums super cheap to get lots of new friends to add. You might get less quality than with the other girls, but these girls are all still verified and won’t scam you. They’re legitimately a bargain.

Moon Premium Snapchat
Cute Moon

You can read my cheap premium Snapchat guide, but if you want my personal recommendation, I love Moon. She’s 19 years old from NYC and $10 get you added for life. I keep thinking she’s going to bump up the cost, but it’s not happened so far.

You’ll want to act fast though, I’m genuinely surprised she’s kept the price so good for so long.

I hope you enjoyed this Premium Snapchat Guide

As you can see, there are loads of exciting premium Snapchats out there for you to join. Have I missed anything? Have you had a mindblowing experience with a certain model and want to share? Go ahead and use the comments.

Until next time… xxx