Is The New Camming Hub You Need In Your Life

When I first started working in the adult industry, I knew very little about it.

I had heard you could make a little bit of money doing webcam shows from your bedroom. One of my friends was already doing it. And honestly, I knew I had a nice pair of boobs people wanted to see.

Back then, I knew of one webcam site, the one I was working on. I also knew about a few porn sites, where I would watch the same three trailers that always got the job done.

Oh, how things have changed

Since those days, my knowledge has grown bit by bit. Over the years, I’ve learned about where the good cam sites are, where you can watch shows for free, and the big names and legends in the industry. I’ve become quite knowledgeable about porn, and I’m learning new things all the time.

But it would have been handy to have something to condense everything down in one place when I first started out. And that is exactly what Tjeezers has set about trying to create with

Who Is Tjeezers?

This guy has been in the adult industry since the year 2000. Some of my readers may not have been born when this guy was writing his first lines of code for porn sites.

He’s won awards for his work as a webmaster and he’s very well known. And of course, that means he knows the good, and the bad that’s available in the adult industry.

With his straightforward Dutch honesty, he’s a hard-working, no-bullshit kind of guy. And he’s always happy to help, whether that’s finding you a new cam-girlfriend or ways to make money in porn.

What Is is a hub for porn seekers of all kinds. The mission statement is “Simplicity And Visibility” which means you’ll find what you’re looking for easily. There are no tricks or scams. Every site is reputable and safe.

If you’re looking to meet new camgirls, you’ll find a huge selection of camming sites ready for your visit along the top bar.

Want to try your hand at being a porn webmaster? Then you can take a look at the toolbox where there’s tons of advice and methods to get started.

And if you’re a cam model, and looking for your next webcam platform, or you want to promote porn networks to your customers, also delivers. You can find all the hottest porn affiliate links on the tab marked “webmasters”.

This is the resource I wish I had had as a young cam model starting out. The more places you know about, the more easily you can choose the place that treats you the best. It would have been handy for me when I started out as a webmaster too.

And of course, if you’re horny for better cam shows and hotter porn sites, you’ll find a very good selection here, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

Head on over and take a look, and let me know in the comments if you find anything really juicy. 😉

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