Financial Domination Fetish Guide – When Money Is Power

Financial domination is a fetish that once people hear that it exists, they can’t quite believe it.

“So the client just sends money and that gets them off? Wow, where can I get a job like that!”

However, the world of Findom is not easily accessible for just anyone.

Those who choose to indulge in this type of submission crave excitement and lack of control. These rare beasts are often wealthy, although not always.

Financial domination can exist between two members of a couple, but it most commonly exists between a dominant sex worker and a client.

Understanding The Desire For Findom


Have you ever been to a casino and placed a bet that was a bit too large?

The feeling of fear, risk, and danger as the results of your bet came in is a big emotion. In those moments, you’re walking the fine line between success and failure and entirely vulnerable to Lady Luck.

Gambling is addictive for a reason, and although I’m no expert, I’d hazard a guess those addicts aren’t in it to get rich, and wouldn’t stop if they did.

They enjoy the process, the feeling of danger and possibility. The money matters, but it’s not about the money, not really. It’s about how it feels.

Financial domination is a more refined but similar pleasure. The process is similar, but the submissive always loses.

Lady Luck is played by a dominant person, and ‘the house’, her house, always wins.

The World Of Financial Domination

Once a submissive finds a financial dominant, it’s usually a long term arrangement.

A good dominant listens to the needs of her submissive and Findom is no different. In the case of a client and provider relationship, the emphasis is on the Dominant to fulfill the emotional needs and desires of the client.

In this case, it just happens to pay very well.

Like any relationship, good communication helps both Findom and submissive have a deeper understanding of what feels good and where the limits are.

Unsurprisingly, financial domination has plenty of terms that are exclusive to those who play the game.

Pay pig or cash cow are common names for subs, adding humiliation to the vulnerable position of financial submissive. Human ATM is more objectifying and is also used a lot.

How To Find A Findom Online

Occasionally a vanilla or amateur sex worker will fall into the position of Findom by chance. When I worked on webcam, I saw a few financially submissive men, but it was never my specialty.


If you’re curious about amateur Findoms, a good place to start your search would be Steamate or AdultWork. Once you’re there, search for cam models with Mistress, Goddess or Miss in their name.

The best way to get to know if a domme is right for you is to chat to them on webcam, and see if they’re a good match. Streamate is the best for private one on one shows and the models there are usually experienced with power exchange fetishes.

Clip Makers

Financial submissives tend to be drawn to opulence.

Sex workers who have already conquered multiple successful people and who display their wealth will attract financially submissive men. Dominants who make a show of their wealth as a statement of power are catnip to the Finsubs.

The cream of the Findom crop can be found on iWantClips. Watch a few clips and see which styles you like, then make polite contact to form a relationship.

A genuine Finsub should send a small tribute to get attention. Unfortunately, as a lot of people misunderstand the fetish, scammers often pretend to be financial submissives. A small tribute will pick you out as genuine among any time wasters.

Personal Websites

Financial domination from Goddess Aviva

Dominants like Goddess Anastaxia in the UK and Goddess Aviva in New York both have personal websites. There they outline how they like submissives to make contact, as well as the fetishes they indulge in. Both of these women are beautiful and experienced FinDoms.

You can also find FinDoms on Twitter, but be careful. There are scam artists and catfish out there. Try and make sure you pick someone with lots of followers, the real Findoms get lots of attention.

I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For…

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