Smoking Fetish Models Who Want To Spark Up With You

‘I’m going to fuck you so hard, even the neighbours will need a cigarette’

Sex and smoking have often been tied together. Smoking can be seen as a sign of self confidence and rebellion.

The sight of a sexy woman smoking can be enticing if she’s innocent seeming too. The thought that a sweet girl is also a rule breaker hints to something more, secrets underneath the surface. The scent of smoke can trigger memories and feelings easily.

There can also be an understanding between fellow smokers, especially if they’re smoking weed. I remember the feeling of secret smoking sessions with my boyfriend in college. Weed and sex were secret pleasures and the memories of both have stayed firmly with me.

The following models are all smokers, and they’re all on Snapchat waiting to get to know you better. These girls are very often open minded and will almost certainly take specific smoking videos and pictures for tips.

Six beautiful smoking fetish models

Let’s get started…

Sovereign Syre

smoking fetish models sovereign

Beautiful brunette Sovereign Syre is an artistic model who smokes and vapes. She kicks off our list of smoking fetish models. Her Twitter feed tells a story of an elegant rebel, lots of her tempting modelling pictures contain thoughtful quotes from famous poets.

Sovereign also cohosts Ill Repute, the podcast. Ill Repute is ‘A history podcast about women who didn’t give a damn about their bad reputations’. This isn’t a part timer looking for a few extra bucks, Sovereign Syre is a woman of bad influence who is serious about being your next big temptation. Those pretty lips look so good with a cigarette between them. Give her an add

Get to know Sovereign Syre

Andi Ray

LA girl Andi Ray describes herself as a curvy, nerdy stoner. With long red hair and blue eyes, Andi is the girl next door amateur that you’d love to have a joint in the park with.

Her breasts are absolutely incredible and everyone who joins her snap gets to see every thing. That includes boy and girl shows and behind the scenes clips of her cam shows and porn shoots. She doesn’t mention whether she sends her members private smoking clips, but for a nice tip I’m sure she’d make your day.

She went to the AVN model house last year and is going again in 2019, so you can expect her feed to be full of hot pornstars enjoying themselves when she goes.

Spark a ciggie with Andi Ray

Princess Hae Solo

Princess Hae Solo

One of our favourite 420 models, Princess Hae Solo is a pretty green haired stoner who has some really interesting glass bongs. She’s incredibly popular on Instagram and her fans loved her relaxed style. We loved her enough to give her her own page on FanCityX, and she’s absolutely one of our favourite smoking fetish models.

Her style has a hippyish vibe and she’s almost always smiling in her pictures. You can tell how much she loves her lifestyle and a good smoke session. If you add her to snapchat you’ll get new shows every day and offers a dropbox too, crammed with over 2000 pictures and videos that’s updated every day.

Wake and bake with Princess Hae Solo

Duchess Piper

Could Duchess Piper be your next favourite smoking fetish model? A bisexual BBW Milf, she confesses that she loves to smoke and insists that her followers are 420 friendly. For a Shows are every day, and include baths, showers and cum shows. She loves to play with wigs and although she has naturally black hair she likes to mix it up.

Smoke a joint with Duchess Piper


Madison Rose otherwise known as Madiejuana is a 19 year old model who loves weed and video games.

Add Madison Rose

Klee Kush 420

Klee Kush updates her Snapchat every day. She loves to smoke a joint or two and she’s our final girl on our list of smoking fetish models. Klee loves BDSM and regularly shares boy and girl shows with her viewers. Her blonde hair and gorgeous body will have you addicted in no time.

Light up with Klee Kush

Do you know any other pornstars who are smokers? Let us know in the comments. Do you like your girls less bad and more innocent? Check out our list of insanely cute premium Snapchat girls