How Can I Be A Good Submissive For An Online Mistress?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘How can I be a good submissive for an online mistress?’ An online relationship with a dominant woman is more easily available than ever. With options such as Snapchat, online dating and fetish friendly cam models, your options are almost unlimited. Here are some simple tips for getting the most out of a relationship with an online professional dominant.

Respect the boundaries of your Mistress

Boundries are how can I be a good submissive for an online dominant
Keep on the right side of the fence

When selecting someone to play with online, it’s important to read her profile carefully. Make a careful note of her likes and make sure they line up with yours. Ideally you’ll find someone who specialises in the kinks you enjoy.

Get a feel for the type of person she is through the types of words she uses. Someone who specialises in power exchange role play could be very different to someone who describes themselves as a cruel or sadistic.

If she is a professional, you should always pay for her time before you play. Mistresses on FanCentro and OnlyFans are often busy, so even if you’re already a fan, don’t expect her to give an online session for free, especially if you want to be one of her favourites.

When she states her dislikes and the way she likes to session, make sure you don’t cross those boundaries. If you’re not sure, ask her. She will probably have a way she would like you to approach when you want her time and attention. If you follow her instructions accurately you’ll be off to an excellent start.

Be aware of yourself

Know yourself, submissive

Sun Tsu said you should know yourself, and it’s not just true of battles, it’s true of almost everything. Therefore, to be the best submissive in any power exchange relationship, you should try and know what you want.

The best submissives have a road map to what they want to feel and what needs to happen for them to feel that way. Maybe you want to feel humiliated or surrender your power to another for an hour. You might be chasing a deeper connection and a longer term journey. It’s possible for a submissive to use their desire to serve a Mistress to become a better and stronger person. There are of course, lots of reasons why a submissive might seek out an online mistress. As a result, it’s helpful to work out what you need and what you might need to get there.

Despite this, it’s okay if you’ve only got a few ideas, or if you’re at the start of your journey. You’ll have fun working out what makes you tick with your new Mistress. Try and communicate with her as best you can, she’ll appreciate your honesty.

Keep an eye on how you feel as she leads you through your kinks and let her know what you really enjoyed. Excellent and honest feedback in particular will always put you in her good books.

Communicate well and often

Hopefully only the green ones….

Communication is important in all types of BDSM relationship, and this is especially true online. Experts think 90% of communication is non verbal. As a result you and you online Mistress will need you to work especially hard to communicate what feels right and wrong.

Never act out to try and see her anger. Anger, especially authentic anger can be very desirable for a submissive to experience and it can be tempting to act out to trigger it. Don’t do it, and if you catch yourself doing this, ask yourself if it’s anger you want to see. Gas lighting is not good submissive behaviour.

Sometimes communication is awkward, but vulnerability is important to being a good submissive. You can see the vulnerability of communication in particular as a submissive task. It can help sometimes to imagine communication like a confession. You need to give the knowledge of your feelings to higher power for her to understand and punish you in an appropriate way.

Let’s hope you’ve picked a loving God. Or in this case, Goddess.

Spoil your online Mistress

Mistresses love treats

If you ask most Mistresses what makes a submissive a favourite, the answer is often the ones who spoil them. Money as a tribute is traditional, especially if your Mistress has made you feel especially strongly. Lots of submissives enjoy the feeling of financial power exchange. If money is power, then passing extra to your Mistress is therefore a natural gesture for a good submissive.

Many dominant camgirls and online Mistresses will also have wishlists with Amazon and other retailers. Picking out a thoughtful gift from her wishlist will also be well received. The thrill of having you thinking about her and wanting to tribute her will get her dominant side eager to around you again.

Be A Good Submissive By Being Useful

Kind feedback and promotion

An online Mistress will rarely be working as one if she doesn’t truly love it. Not all submissives are as kind or as eager to please as you are. With this in mind, remember being a sex worker means you have to be hard working and tough. She loves what she does, but she is also a woman in business.

All small businesses thrive on good feedback and so, as a good submissive, you’ll have the added bonus of knowing your Mistress will truly appreciate you for it.

Firstly, find a way to publicly tell the world how good your Mistress is. For instance, feedback emails can be copied out for promotion on Twitter or her website. Alternatively, create a tweet on Twitter and tag her in it. Or send her your feedback in Snapchat and let her know she can screengrab it if she wants to.

Also, if you’re on Twitter and have an account you can use for adult content, retweet her promotions and offers. Even if you don’t have many followers, the thought matters and retweets can show others that she’s popular. It’s a simple way to show you want the world to know how great your Mistress is.

Happy submitting!

Let us know what you think of these points. After all, communication is important.

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