10 Best Amateur OnlyFans Girls – These Babes Are Worth Your Follow

Are you looking for the best amateur OnlyFans girls?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. These are the ten most drool-worthy and horny girls looking for your follow today. You’d better be ready to have your mind blown because these girls are going to show you every naughty moment on their OnlyFans accounts.

The Hottest 10 Amateur OnlyFans

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SolaZola Onlyfans amateur

564 Photos, 177 Videos

Look at those big brown eyes and tell me you don’t want see more pretty SolaZola?

This girl is doing everything right. She easily made the top ten teen OnlyFans list here on FanCityX and she won the 2019 Pornhub award for the best amateur newcomer.

SolaZola shoots a lot with her boyfriend and specializes in cute, coupley videos. But don’t think things don’t get raunchy, this couple loves threesomes and even let their cuckold friend watch them fuck.

Are you ready to join in the fun?

Shaiden Rouge

Shaiden Rogue Model

187 Photos, 149 Videos

German amateur Shaiden Rouge is in an open relationship, which is unsurprising, this is one horny girl and one partner is not enough.

A big cock lover, Shaiden loves to make hardcore content. Although this is an amateur OnlyFans, Shaiden Rouge will make you gasp before you cum. Each clip is made with joy and love, Shaiden can’t get enough sex.

Treat yourself and unlock some real filth.


Reislin OnlyFans model

1210 Photos, 190 Videos

Lil babe Reislin won the award for best female clip artist at the Xbiz Awards 2020 and you should definitely find out why.

Her hobbies include World Of Warcraft and blowjobs, and if she’s as good at video games as she is at sucking cock, she must be over level 100 by now.

Reislin is taken and in a relationship, but this only makes her more fun as she loves to show off her riding and sucking for the camera. When you join her OnlyFans, you can expect solo and couple clips, anal play, and tons more of those perfect tits.

Dick For Lily

DickForLily Amateur on OnlyFans

1300 Photos, 221 Videos

Have you got Dick For Lily?

After you see her content you’ll be answering yes. A New York City girl, Lily loves interacting with her fans. If you want to chat with her one to one, joining her OnlyFans is the best way to do it.

You’ll love seeing this cute girl and her natural body every day.

Luxury Girl

898 posts

This horny brunette from Estonia is an amateur pornstar. Her real name is Kristina but she’s probably going to leave you speechless.

She enjoys reading, and nightlife of course. But her most important passion is sex, which makes her the perfect candidate for creating the horniest pictures and videos.

But what does this amateur OnlyFans offer once you’ve unlocked it? How does new content every day sound? Your dick certainly won’t get bored.


1028 Photos, 83 Videos

Innocent looking Morgpie has a beautiful natural body and occasionally pink hair too. But don’t let her sweet looks fool you, there’s plenty of naughty content to be unlocked on this amateur OnlyFans.

When you join up you can expect multiple daily posts and regular streams, plus all sorts of horny content.

There’s no sexting, But Morgpie will reply to your friendly messages.

Sweety Fox

946 Posts

Cosplayer Sweety Fox will make your jaw drop with her incredible costumes and horny clips. This amateur loves anime and manga and if you do too, her OnlyFans will have you in e-girl heaven.

This horny girl wants you to be her Daddy, so if that’s your kink then what are you waiting for?

Her OnlyFans has only her best work and horniest content. Amazing orgasms are guaranteed.

Big Titty Goth Egg

Big Titty Goth Egg Amateur

891 Photos, 230 Videos

Big Titty Goth Egg probably has the quirkiest name on our list! You can call her Lee if you prefer. She’s 20 years old and a tiny 4’10. This amateur OnlyFans is must subscribe if you love the alternative look.

Her outfits are gorgeous and she’s every bit as horny as the goth next door.

Come and meet your new online big titty goth girlfriend.



524 Photos, 90 Videos

MihaNika69 loves to shoot videos as a couple, but also she invites friends to join them in lots of sexy situations.

Roleplay is something this couple enjoys a lot, you can see lots of hot fauxcest situations on their Pornhub page. This cute Russian couple love showing off for their fans, and you will love getting to know them better.

Little Buff Babe

1300 Photos, 240 Videos

Little Buff Babe hopes that her OnlyFans inspires you to work out, and jack off. This amateur model was born in the USA. Her real name is Jessica, in case Little Buff Babe is too much of a mouthful.

In 2022 she won the Pornhub award for best inked model. If you love girls with tattoos, don’t forget to check out these tattooed OnlyFans girls.

Jessica loves sports and looks like a dream cheerleader. If you want to get closer to a girl who loves sports as much as you do, this is an OnlyFans you can’t do without.

What Is An Amateur?

Girls who shoot x rated content are usually in two main categories: pornstars and amateurs.

Pornstars shoot regularly for big porn studios like Brazzers and Evil Angel and are usually well-known faces. But amateur girls can have huge careers without stepping in front of a director’s chair even once. Amateur girls shoot their own content and often have a more direct relationship with their fans.

Pornstars are more likely to be American, or have come to live in America, as this is where most of the porn studios are. Amateur models, as you can see, can be from anywhere around the world.

All these girls have described themselves as amateurs on pornhub.com, which means they exclusively shoot their own content, or they mostly do. I’ve linked to each amateur OnlyFans so you can consider if you’d like to join, and covered how many pictures or videos are ready to be unlocked.

Remember, models update their OnlyFans all the time, some update as often as every day with new sexy treats for their fans.

How Did You Decide On The Top 10 Amateur OnlyFans Girls?

Pornhub are one of the top suppliers of data about the adult industry. If you’ve not taken a lot at Pornhub’s insights page, it’s worth jumping down the rabbit hole for a while.

You can use the amateur model search function to find the most popular amateur girls. Interestingly, every single amateur girl in the Pornhub top ten has an OnlyFans account, which shows how popular the platform is with horny girls looking to sell their nudes.

I have excluded models who have chosen to stay anonymous. Some models don’t like to show their face in their content, and this can be for lots of reasons, including limiting their publicity.

All models have got more than 200 pieces of content waiting to be unlocked.

Who is your favorite amateur girl? Let me know in the comments.